Communications Company Product Repair:

IC-28, Dual Channel Intercom Amplifier
IC-29, Dual Channel Intercom Amplifier

RAD20, Room Audio Director
RAD30, Room Audio Director
RAD30A, Room Audio Director

PT-1, Program Timer

MADA-2000, Media Audio Distribution Amplifier

RT-60, Revelation Timer

TG-8, Tone Generator,

And most other CommCo products

Documentation for many of CommCo's Products can be found at:

I was the designer of most of CommCo's products. I have all the surviving CommCo documentation, and Test Fixtures.
I now offer full Repair Services. With few exceptions, units can be repaired at a fraction of their original acquisition cost. 
I can also can help you with other system problems.

Please contact me before sending any equipment!
This completed form must accompany any equipment sent to me for repair.

If an upgrade is in yours plans please consider the Tech Works IC-52, or ICA-202
These a replacements for the Venerable IC-28 and IC-29 with greatly enhanced performance.

Tech Works also offers a complete line of other Intercommunications Products, many of which I have a hand in designing.

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